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Offer yourself the services of Jay Witlox, magician/illusionist for your greatest pleasure and that of your guests.

Your wedding day is not only the most magical day of your life, it must also be a special time for your guests. Surprise them with mysterious and refined entertainment...

During dinner, Jay passes among your guests and plunges them into an abyss of perplexity. In his hands and a few centimetres from their eyes, everyday objects seem to escape all control! Before opening the ball, we also offer a show on stage with the participation of your guests and  Illusions.

Beyond the illusions, it is an excellent way to quickly create a friendly atmosphere, where humour and the strange mix for the pleasure of all.

Interactive magic, visual numbers, mentalism, Illusions... Reserve quickly before the available dates...disappear!!!

New for 2018: Jay Witlox makes the bride and groom appear on the dance floor for the entrance to the hall


All shows can be performed in different languages: French, English, Luxembourgish, German.​

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