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If you dream of custom magic just for you or for a special event, Jay offers to personalize a trick or an illusion.

You can even become an actor in the act and experience the magic under the amazed gaze of your guests.

Close-up, close magic is an excellent way to entertain guests / employees at banquets or corporate meetings. Jay passes between groups of people or tables performing his Close-up magic just a few inches away and in the hands of your guests.


Looking to have something different at your next customer event, business meeting or staff party.


You participate in trade shows and want to attract potential customers to your stand so that you can sell your product or service? Magic at your booth/show will attract customers so you can make your sale or get your messages across.

Jay specializes in corporate entertainment with the right mix of professionalism and humour for employees or potential customers.


Creating a memorable event means presenting an activity/animation that stands out. Creativity, talent and incredible skills, combined with humour and complete audience interaction, combine to create an unbeatable combination.


He adapts its performance to meet customer needs. Including the addition of customer logos or sales messages (promoting your new products or highlighting existing products) in one of its presentations. Why not make your corporate evening one of the most memorable events of the year? Jay's ability to "break the ice" allows everyone to relax and have fun. His humour and charisma make him one of today's most entertaining magicians.


Why do companies call Jay Witlox to events?

- Audience Participation

- Fosters creativity and imagination

- Stimulates conversation

- Adapts to "Teamwork" and "Communication" themes

- Minimum technical requirements

- Suitable for all audiences




All shows can be performed in different languages: French, English, Luxembourgish, German.

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