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Jay Witlox
   dyamic, romantic


    full of humour...

Jay was initiated by his grandfather at the age of 6. Since then he has developed and devoted himself fully to magic. This Luxembourg-born artist travels the world to share his passion and talent.


Energy, emotion, humour mingle to create illusions that will take your breath away!


From the Netherlands to the United Kingdom, from Nigeria to India, via Dubai and the United States, his mastery of 6 languages gives him the possibility to be on all the stages of the world!


He started young, he travelled the world, but he remained close to his roots and his first public by living in Luxembourg.


Great Romantic, a look that pierces you, polyglot, he likes to interact with his audience! Curious by nature, he remains in permanent search of novelties and innovations in terms of illusions.


Jay Witlox is also a team of faithful...


First of all Pako, the white cockatoo, the partner always present, so endearing, so bewitching!


Jay's lovely partners on stage will amaze you but that's all we'll say... We keep a little mystery...


The technical team that has accompanied Jay for many years remains discreet and efficient, which is no longer to be proven!

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