Staging Requirements

Staging Requirements

Adequate staging & lighting is absolutely essential to make an illusion show look good.

Staging & Logistics

Basic illusion show stage size : 7 m x 5 m x 0.6 m (24’x 16’x2’)

Full illusion show stage size : 10m x 8 m x 0.6 m (32’x26’x2’)

Stage should be clear of rostrum and tables.

Stage should be level and stable

Backstage set-up area or “Dressing Room” next to or behind stage.

Nearest audience should be at least 5 meter from edge of the stage


Fully equipped professional grade sound system (Console with Mixer Amplifier & Speakers)

1x Sound Technician /DJ to standby throughout the show

1x CD Player 1x Microphone Channel, (Headset Microphone skin colored) and all necessary cables and connectors.


Adequate stage lighting is essential for the show’s success and special lighting greatly enhances the dramatic impact of the show especially for an illusion show. Par cans with colored gels (red, blue, yellow, purple) are a minimum.

Follow spot with operator (White Gel)

Additional lights such intelligent lights and moving heads could enhance the show.

1 x Hazer and/or 1x smoke machine are required.

In the event that the technical requirement cannot be provided for, due notice must be given.

Jay Witlox has the right to modify his show in any way he deems necessary.